raspberry pi の小さなディストリ minibianが出ています。

cat-linuxRaspberry Pi用の小さなDistribution minibianがリリースされています。


ただしnano とかraspi-config lxdeがインストールされていないのでraspbianの感覚で使うと違いに戸惑います。


MINIBIAN - raspberry pi

rpi2htopMinibian 4th release is out! This new release corrects some minor bugs and supports the new Raspbbery Pi 2 with updated firmware  (kernel 3.18.7+ #755) and system based on official Raspbian repositories.
The release is backward compatible with RPi B and RPi B+.
I did some benchmark tests on RPi B+ and RPi 2 and i can confirm that the CPU speed is 6x faster than older version.
You can check here for the features list, while you can download the compressed image following this link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/minibian/files/2015-02-18-wheezy-minibian.tar.gz/download

MD5: 6ac4eda21993204393a0e830762580d9
SHA1: 797bcee94f32b899654e018fcded6e49e5ab6c20